Brooks Newmark

"They probably saw something in me that even I didn't recognize myself…for that, I am eternally grateful."

Added: April 02, 2012
Recorded: February 03, 2012
Length: 01:49

Patricia DiCarlo Fagioli

"It [is] amazing how many great students come here from other places…and find it a very welcoming, excellent place to be."

Added: February 14, 2012
Recorded: December 01, 2011
Length: 01:46

Liz Ryan

"All of those skills have been so invaluable for me."

Added: January 25, 2012
Recorded: February 04, 2011
Length: 01:37

Kelly T. Jensen

"He was a square dancing enthusiast!"

Added: November 08, 2011
Recorded: May 27, 2011
Length: 02:21

Jason Luke

"The people are the best part about it."

Added: September 30, 2011
Recorded: May 20, 2011
Length: 02:33

Elsie Wilson Thompson

"I'm sure there were lots of people spinning in their graves at that."

Added: November 29, 2011
Recorded: February 04, 2011
Length: 01:34

Matias Mori

"You have all these ideas of the people that go there. Well, that's not me."

Added: September 28, 2011
Recorded: March 20, 2011
Length: 02:12

Ann Eldridge

"I do think that the story of what it was like to be a Radcliffe student in the 1950s is something that should not be forgotten."

Added: September 28, 2011
Recorded: February 04, 2011
Length: 02:22

Harry Pars

"There was still a large wave of veterans from WWII, I was one of them... it really changed the culture at Harvard."

Added: September 30, 2011
Recorded: May 26, 2011
Length: 01:37

Bonnie St. John

"The admissions office [wanted] to verify that I was not a joke..."

Added: September 29, 2011
Recorded: May 26, 2011
Length: 02:36

Celia Maccoby Green

Celia Maccoby Green"There's so much out there that I never really had access to before, and here it is, here at Harvard."

Added: September 30, 2011
Recorded: May 20, 2011
Length: 02:35

Catherine Gellert

"My best memories of my time at Harvard are my roommates."

Added: September 29, 2011
Recorded: February 04, 2011
Length: 02:19

Scott Yim

"I always thought I was the admissions mistake!"

Added: April 02, 2012
Recorded: January 26, 2012
Length: 01:50

Mackenzie Lowry

Mackenzie Lowry"She helped me understand how to learn."

Added: September 30, 2011
Recorded: May 27, 2011
Length: 02:24